Conventional Buses for Sale in Denver, CO

Conventional bus for sale in Denver, CO

Finding a trustworthy bus dealership can be a challenge. Fortunately, Denver, CO residents have a reliable bus sales professional right in their own backyard. Davey Coach is proud to serve the Denver community, as well as Norwalk, CA and New Paris, IN. We’re a leading provider of new and used conventional bus sales, and we strive to meet all your transportation needs.

Our team boasts over two decades of combined experience, so we’ll make sure you get the conventional bus that meets your needs. Simply give us a call or stop by our dealership to learn more about our inventory.

What Is a Conventional Bus?

Conventional buses are what we think of as traditional school buses, also known as “Type C.” Type C buses are typically designed for more than 10 passengers and meet all regulations put in place by the federal government. These conventional buses also feature everything you expect of a school bus: an engine placed in front of the windshield, an entrance door behind the front wheels, and much more. However, conventional buses aren’t exempt from the numerous upgrades that are available today. Some of these buses are outfitted with advanced wheelchair lifts, brake systems, and added storage space.

We Can Help Identify Your Needs

What do you need from a conventional bus? Many of our customers come to us with a clear answer to this question, while countless others aren’t quite sure where to start. No matter which category you fall into, we can help. The team at Davey Coach will sit down with you to discuss your unique needs and find the perfect conventional bus that caters to you. Some important questions to consider include:

* How many passengers does the bus need to carry?

* How much storage space is necessary?

* How far will the bus travel?

* What upgrades and accessories do I need?

* What is my budget?

Would You Prefer to Rent?

Sometimes, a bus rental is the best choice for our customers. If you’re interested in a conventional bus lease, please let us know. We work with a top leasing and rental agency, and we’d be happy to get you set up with a short- or long-term lease. Our team understands that a bus purchase isn’t in the cards for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you need reliable transportation any less. Let us know if we can help you secure a conventional bus lease.

Visit Us for Service, Repairs, and More

Davey Coach is a top choice for much more than just bus sales. We also provide exceptional service, parts, and much more. All in all, we strive to be Denver’s go-to provider for nearly any transportation need. We know it’s frustrating and time-consuming to work with multiple bus dealerships, so we’ve expanded our services—you can find everything in one convenient place! Look to us for the following services: Bus part sales, accessories, exterior graphics, maintenance and repair work, bus conversion, bus refurbishment and upgrades.

Over Two Decades of Industry Experience

Davey Coach has the experience you can trust. Since we opened our doors in 1992, we’ve remained committed to becoming a leader in the industry. Today, we enjoy a shining reputation for top-notch vehicles, friendly customer interactions, and comprehensive services. No matter what you need when it comes to conventional buses, we’re happy to help. Talk to us about scheduling maintenance, signing a lease, or purchasing your very own vehicle.

Contact Our Professionals Today

The team at Davey Coach is ready to hear from you! Whether you’re a resident of the Denver Metro Area or you live in Norwalk, CA or New Paris, IN, we’re excited to help you find the perfect conventional bus. Our team will take down your list of requirements and peruse our inventory for the ideal make and model. We feature vehicles from all the top manufacturers, so we’re sure to find something that meets your unique needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the purchase process or to inquire about repairs.