Remington the English Springer Spaniel hails from across the pond.  He has made Colorado his home and as his breed suggests, has been rumored to be able to leap even the tallest buses in a single bound.  Highly trained in both the arts of obedience and bird/stick/ball/anything-you-throw retrieval, he’s always looking for a fresh arm to wear out.  The local rabbit population of Sedalia has adapted to hiding anywhere they can find cover when Remington patrols the property including high grass fields and under buses of any make and model.  As both the only male and non-Golden Retriever member of the pack, Remington is outnumbered by his yellow-clad female partners in crime, but has taken on the leader of the pack role and will undoubtedly keep the wilds of Sedalia safe to visit when you’re here checking out your new bus for years to come.