Wheelchair Securement Options

L-Track Securement vs. Q-Straint Slide and Click Pucks

Video Transcription

Hi! I’m Josh Davey with Davey Coach. Today we’re going over the comparative differences between traditional L-Track mounted in the floor of your bus for wheelchair securement straps, compared to the Q-Straint slide and click system, with the surface mounted pucks.

Traditional L-Track Securement

Let’s take a look at the traditional track. Most people are familiar with this. You’ve seen it in your buses, that your wheelchair securement belts strap into. Generally, the first thing a driver is going to do, or your activities director, when they go to secure this into the track, is that they are going to clear dirt and gravel out of the way because they fit so snuggly. You have to line the circles up on the wheelchair securement belt itself with the track. If nothing is in there, you can push down and then you slide them over and they lock into place. It’s a little bit cumbersome, but still better than the old, old, old A-track that has now been discontinued.

To release these, you lift the pin, then slide them up and out. Now, these work really, really smoothly today because this is a brand-new vehicle. As vehicles age out in the field, this track has a tendency to corrode. It can rust. It can oxidize, depending on what region of the country it is located in and these become more and more difficult to get in and out smoothly.

What we have a tendency to see is that operators will not take these out of the floor because they can’t get them back in. So, we want to have a very user friendly system, which is what we’re going to take a look at in a minute. These allow users to get these belts in and out a lot faster, save time, and ultimately get on the road faster with your passengers.

Q-Straint Slide and Click Pucks

Now we’re going to take a look at the slide and click style of securement system. Compared to the traditional L-Track that everybody is probably familiar with, these are surface mounted pucks in the floor. Taking a closer look at these, they’ve got beveled edges so your feet are not going to trip over the top of them; your shoes are going to slide right over the top, so they’re not a trip hazard. You don’t have to clean the track out that accumulates gravel, dirt, sand.

They corrode, depending upon what region of the country that you’re in. Salt, magnesium chloride, can have a negative effect on the traditional L-Track because those securements fit so tightly in there.

These are pretty slick. You set the belt on the opposite side of the puck, you drag it over and now you’re locked into place. They have a 360-degree swivel feature. They self-tension and they self-retract so all you have to do is hook this onto the proper securement point on the wheelchair itself and let go. It virtually eliminates the possible for you to have a missed securement or not tighten that securement down properly. To release it, you press down on this red lever and let it go.

They are all plummed with this cleat to hook your lat belt onto, or this in the back corner. We would secure this lat belt onto here and the shoulder securement comes down and across so your passenger is secured in the chair itself.

One of the things we see when we go out on site and visit customers with buses is that their staff doesn’t like to take the belts out of the floor because they are so hard to get back into the floor. This creates a trip hazard. Belts break because chair wheels roll over the top of them, people are stepping on them. With these, you lift it and it’s off. There’s this one pin that’s the secret ingredient to the sauce that makes this whole thing work the way that it does. It is very, very user friendly. Couldn’t be any faster. That’s the way this system works in a nutshell.

If you have L-track in your existing bus, and it’s not time to brand a brand-new shuttle bus yet, but you like this style of wheelchair securement, both as a liability reducer as well as a time saver. Our service department can retro-fit your existing vehicles with these slide and click pucks.

Schedule an appointment with our service department and bring your vehicle down and we can get you set up with that system in half a day.