Davey Coach Bus Conversions in Denver, CO

Are You Considering a Bus Conversion?

At Davey Coach, we can bring your bus conversion aspirations to life. Whether you're interested in creating a party bus or something more relaxed, we can provide you with the resources you need. Our skilled, experienced technicians will sit down with you, learn about your needs, and work to make your vision a reality. We're proud to serve the Denver Metro Area, as well as Norwalk, CA and New Paris, IN with exceptional bus sales and conversion services. Our team understands the complexities that come along with converting your vehicle, but we'll be at your side every step of the way to guarantee a stress-free experience.

Get Creative with Your Conversion

When it comes to specialty bus conversions, the sky is the limit. At Davey Coach, we welcome you to go as creative or as traditional as you like. In years past, we've worked with numerous clients in the Denver area, helping them make their vision a reality. Some of our favorite projects include turning a minibus into a party bus, converting a school bus into a play place, and transforming a traditional bus into a game room. Don't be afraid to add your own flair to your bus conversion—we're happy to add lighting features, window decals, and much more to make your bus unique.

Reap the Benefits of Converting an Old Bus

Converting your bus for a new function can have numerous benefits. You can turn your vehicle into nearly anything you want—even a mobile home! We've worked with countless clients over the years, helping them turn their bus into a sleeping space, party venue, office, and even a play place! Take advantage of the following benefits when you start your bus conversion:

* Maximize Value: You could scrap your old bus, or you could increase its value with a conversion! Converting an older model will likely be much more cost-effective than buying a brand-new vehicle.

* Tailor-Made: A bus conversion can be tailored to your specific needs. If you're perusing the market for a bus converted into a home or office space, you may have a hard time finding something that meets your exact requirements. Directing the conversion yourself will make it much easier to reach a final design you love.

* Flex Your Creative Muscle: When converting a bus, you're only limited by your imagination! Transform the space into a relaxing getaway complete with your favorite décor, or create a peaceful, separate office space. Be sure to speak with our team about your vision!

Your Multi-Purpose and Specialty Vehicle Conversion Experts

We are your go-to multi-purpose and specialty vehicle conversion experts. We've seen it all, including projects involving mobile offices, bookmobiles, and even bloodmobiles. Our team can handle even the most complicated conversions, having transformed a small bus into a fully-functioning mobile courtroom. With nearly 30 years of experience under our belt, it's no wonder why we've become a leader in bus sales, repair, and conversion.

Why So Many People Choose Us in Denver, CO and Beyond

What makes Davey Coach a leading dealer of buses and shuttles? Beyond our nearly 30 years of industry experience, we also feature a comprehensive suite of services. We're a top choice for bus conversions, but we're also well-known for exceptional repair work and spare parts. Our state-of-the-art facilities boast a wide variety of products from which you can take your pick, including custom bus accessories, bike racks, ski racks, and electronics. Whatever your bus needs, our friendly, knowledgeable staff can make accommodations.

Contact Our Team for More Information

Do you want to learn more about your bus conversion options? Don't wait to get in touch with Davey Coach. Our Denver, CO team would be happy to help you explore your many options. Visit us in-person or give us a call to get your project started! Contact us today, and we'll begin making your vision a reality.

 Specialty Turtle Top Odyssey XL Party Bus Conversion

 Turtle Top Odyssey XL Before Conversion

Before Conversion Seating and Overhead Racks

Before Conversion Entrance Steps

During Conversion New Limousine Style Salon Perimeter Seating Installed

New Custom Shaped Mirror Added to Interior Ceiling

Speakers and Premium Sound System with LED Seating Lights Added

Interior LED Lighting Added

Custom Premium Sound added with Custom Speaker Cabinets

Finished Mirror Installation with LED Lighting

New Executive Wood Flooring Added Including Entryway Steps

 Specialty Elkhart Video Game Bus Conversion

Before Conversion 22 Passenger Elkhart ECII

After Conversion with Custom Graphics

Custom Vinyl Graphics Package

Illuminated Destination Sign with Custom Graphics Installed

Final LED Illuminated Interior with Lighted Cabinets

Custom Lighted Executive Cabinet

Custom Game Console Player Storage Station

Custom Hideaway Cabinets

Final Interior

 Specialty School Bus Playschool Conversion

School Bus with Custom Graphics after Conversion to Play School Bus

Beginning Conversion Process, Removing Old Seating

Before Conversion, Old Flooring

New Flooring Added

Old Step Entryway Before Conversion

After Conversion New Flooring Added to Entryway

New Flooring, Building Up New Seating Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes Being Built

Adding Restroom

Finished Restroom with Door

Added Cabinets to Restroom

Building Custom Molded Cabinet to Bus Body

Final Added Cabinet

Finished Restroom

Before Conversion Ceiling

After Custom Designed Cloudy Ceiling Artwork

Added Cabinets

Added WiFi

Storage Box Couch Seating Completed

Tables Added

White Boards Added to Side

Tables Added

Cube Storage Boxes Added

Storage Couch Box Opened Up

Hanging Hooks Added

 Specialty Krystal Mobile Courtroom Bus Conversion

Krystal KK40 Converted to Mobile Courtroom Bus

Finished Rear to Front Interior View

Finished Front to Rear Interior View

Custom Seating and Table Arrangement

Finished Restroom with Sink, Mirror, Toilet and Fan

Finished Restroom

Lighted Fridge