Davey Coach Warranty

At Davey Coach Sales we make service and warranty as easy for you as possible. If you purchase a new bus from Davey Coach Sales you will be covered by both a chassis warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty!

You can visit your local chassis dealer to take care of the chassis warranty and they’ll be able to accommodate any of your needs. For claims regarding body warranty we allow repairs to be made at your nearest qualified service center, including Davey Coach Service. We request that you call us for authorization/direction prior to taking it for repairs so that we can make sure the service center is properly qualified to make repairs on your vehicle, and so that we can provide any technical information necessary so that your warranty repair is completed as quickly as possible to get your bus back on the road right away.

Our service department is highly trained and fully qualified to handle any repairs you might be in need of. Our technicians use the best techniques and equipment to ensure any repairs or service done will be long lasting and professional. Our dedication to excellent service means that you can always count on us to help maintain and repair your vehicle, ensuring you are running smooth for many happy miles.

Feel free to call us with any questions you might have or for approval if you have a warranty claim. Our friendly team members are happy to be of assistance and will help you to get your vehicle taken care of. Thank you for choosing us to be your transportation provider. We provide the best in bus and coach sales and we provide the service and warranty protection you need to keep you safely on the road for the adventures ahead. 1-800-873-1856