The Advantages of Renting and Leasing Buses

Remember your first time…..

Everything had to be right ……… mistakes 

        ………… compromises

……….. no settling for just OK- I want WOW!!

This is a big deal and I am treating it that way!

But…. what if it’s not perfect? What if there is no WOW!!  ……….are there do overs?   ………..can I get a Mulligan?


There is if you lease that bus instead of buying it! 

Whew ….you can make a mistake and its OK…. you can have cloth seats when you really wanted leather (you might find find out you are happier with the cloth seats, cooler in summer- warmer in winter).

You think that 15 passengers is enough only to find out that when you started using a small bus instead of an uncomfortable and unsafe van from the rental car company—everyone wants to go and now you need more room. You need seats for 20, 25, or even 30 people- this was a great idea….you are a success!

All the decisions…Luggage space, Video screens, bigger AC units, reading lamps, upgraded seating, handicap access, gas verses diesel, the list goes on and on when you are ordering a bus; fortunately there is help available.

At Davey Coach Sales we are professionals who take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. We will go over everything in depth, ask questions and suggest solutions, we can go through the inventory of nearly 100 units and touch and feel what you are getting, instead of just looking through a book. And after all that if you are still not sure……

RENT or LEASE a bus. We offer everything from daily, weekly, and monthly rentals to odd and short term leases. If you need a bus for a week for the family reunion- we do that. A lease for your baseball team for 6 months? No problem. Startup companies with no track record but you have credit??? We can do that too.

Leasing can be complicated and there is a lot of terminology that can be scary and confusing (back to that first time thing…) but leases are a viable financial tool for many companies. Most leases are written for a specific term and mileage and allow the user (leasee) to budget a regular expense and keep cash in the business. A monthly payment is made for a specific term and then the vehicle is returned to the lessor (Operating Leases) or in some instances the lease has the ability to purchase the unit for a pre-specific amount (Fair Market Value Leases). These are most commonly called closed end leases- everything is spelled out-no surprises, no risk.  There are also TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) leases which will generally have a lower payment but require either a substantial initial investment or some lease end risk, and Capital Equipment leases that have a very small buyout at the end and require the leasee to purchase the equipment at contract termination. Leases can be written for terms as short as 6 months and as long as 84 months depending on vehicle, the lease company, and your situation.  In short deal with someone who is experienced with leases and check with your tax accountant to be sure which is right for you.

But back to the first time thing….if it isn’t perfect you get a do over, a mulligan, a practice run, call it what you will. At the end of the term, just give it back and it’s like it never happened. You can pick out a bigger or a smaller one, one that is fancier or simpler, has a bigger back end for storage or smaller….it is up to you.
You see, while life may not always be fair you will find that the bus professionals at Davey Coach are, and we are here to make it simple…give us a call at 303-683-9500 and whether it is your first time or you are one of our many repeat customer we will make your experience easy and memorable.