The Evolution of Family Transportation

The station wagon as we know it became as American as apple pie in the ’50s and ’60s. Back then, Americans took to the open road on family vacations with the Great Depression and World War II in the rear view mirror. By the 1970s, Americans were hungry for something different to haul the family around in, but the American auto industry kept putting out the station wagon as the only alternative to an RV or motor home. The motor home was great for vacations, but impractical for daily use such as runs to the grocery store, cleaners, work, or school. I believe the auto industry got the hint that their product was outdated when Clark Griswald took his family from Chicago to WallyWorld in a station wagon in 1983 in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

In 1984, the Dodge Caravan was introduced and the minivan took root. The minivan was made by nearly every manufacturer over the next 15 years as the alternative to the station wagon. By the mid ’90s, the same stigma placed on the station wagon was now on the minivan. No matter how many bells and whistles the manufacturers added (flip down monitors, dvd players, monitors in the headrests, doors that slide open on both sides…etc.) the American public wanted something more.

The late ’90s saw the stock market climb like never before. The internet had created its own Dot Com companies that were guaranteed to make everybody rich without producing any tangible product or service…made sense at the time! The country demanded that manufacturers make the cars bigger to celebrate this new found wealth. Thus, the SUV was born. We all remember the Ford Bronco from the ’70s only now we wanted that on steroids! The Explorer? Not big enough. The Expedition? Still too small… give us the Excursion!! We had another great idea, let’s turn a military vehicle, the Hummer, into a family vehicle! The problem with these vehicles is that nobody wanted to sit in the nosebleeds, which rendered the rear of the vehicle useless for passenger travel. Families wound up taking two cars so no one would have to sit in the third row!!!

Here we are in 2012 and America is once again itching for an alternative to the current product being pushed out by the manufacturers. Davey Coach has a product that is the next genre of vehicle for the American family. The Family Sport Bus (FSB) is the most versatile vehicle America has ever seen. This is a vehicle that you can use to travel to the grocery store, pick up the laundry, and then head out of town on a weekend getaway with the whole family while not compromising comfort or style. Every passenger, up to 12, gets their own captains chair. A refrigerator, bathroom, table and media center are all viable options in this custom made coach. There is a center aisle, so no bench seating, and almost 6′ of headroom for maximum comfort. The stability and low center of gravity makes you feel like you are driving a car as you cruise down the open highways of America. Maximum length is only 23′ so it can be easily maneuvered in and around town. The FSB can be built on the Ford E350 or Chevy 3500 chassis with Chevy offering the Duramax Diesel engine. The full steel cage construction and wide footprint makes this one of the safest vehicles on the road.

The FSB is the next genre of vehicle for the American family with the Davey Sport leading the way. As the American family has said goodbye to the station wagon and is in the process of letting go of the minivan, join Davey Coach in saying hello to the Family Sport Bus…the new American apple pie. Please give Davey Coach a call for more details and find out how we can customize a Davey Sport Bus for your family.