Davey Coach Takes Part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Phil Tom, Vice President of Turtle Top challenged the President of Davey Coach Sales to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge currently sweeping the web. This challenge is a fun and exciting way to not only spread the word and inform people about ALS and the hardships of those experiencing the disease, but is also a wonderful way to raise much needed funding. Mr. Davey was happy to take the challenge, and to extend the challenge to a few others.


Additionally, Davey Coach Sales is proud to provide a $1,000 donation to the ALS Association specifically the Rocky Mountain Chapter. This money is used to provide funding for valuable research in finding a cure for ALS, as well as helping to provide assistance for people with ALS through a nationwide network, helping to coordinate care through clinical centers, and by helping to foster government partnerships. The ALS Association helps to build hope and enhances the quality of life of those with ALS while searching for new treatments and a cure. Davey Coach Sales is proud to be a part of this mission and we invite you to visit www.alsa.org/donate to find out more and make a donation today.