Bus of the Week: Turtle Top Single Rear Wheel Van Terra | Buses for Sale | Denver, CO

In a new video series at Davey Coach Sales, Josh Davey walks you through some of our featured buses for sale. While our location is in Denver, Colorado we can deliver anywhere in the United States, as well as internationally.

This week, we are walking you you the Turtle Top Single Rear Wheel Vanterra, which was updated in 2018 for the first time in 20 years. The nosecap window, additional head clearance and legroom are among the notable upgrades. What hasn’t changed is the safety standards and quality Turtle Top is known for. The Vanterra is a 15 passenger bus, which means it does not require a CDL to drive, making it perfect for a number of industries such as retirement communities, tour operators, hospitality, and many more.

Josh takes you through the new single rear wheel Van Terra and some of its popular features:

  • Lowest ground-to-first-step in the industry, which assists with entering and exiting the vehicle.
  • In-body entrance door allows you to take advantage of a full co-pilot seat with a full-view passenger side window.
  • Rear luggage door option comes standard with a large emergency escape, so in the event the vehicle is turned on its side, you can still get out the back.
  • Streetside exhaust for comfort and safety preventing passengers entering or exiting the vehicle from getting fogged out by the exhaust, and also prevents any chance of a mishap with the exhaust pipe near passengers.
  • Dome lights hot-wired for passenger safety and comfort when the doors open.
  • Nosecap window for a truly unparalleled view for passengers.
  • Narrow body style which allows this bus to navigate city streets, parking lots, and single-lane roads.
  • Entrance grab rails which assists passengers from entrance to exit.

What’s important to note about the Vanterra is unquestionably the best safest most well-constructed engineered steel cage construction in the industry. Its tubular steel exceeds even federal safety standards for school buses, in terms of roof crush and rollover. It has a single piece sport cap on the roof kind of like a turtle shell, hence the name.

If you’re interested in this bus, or would like more information about other buses in our inventory, call, chat, or click to let us know.