Davey Coach Sales Endorses Colorado Proposition 110

As a growing and responsible employer in the State of Colorado, Davey Coach Sales is proud to endorse Proposition 110. Yes on 110 helps us provide more services locally, while supporting the infrastructure of the statewide communities that we live and work in from our headquarters in Douglas County.

Colorado’s roads and infrastructure are in need of repair, and the traditional gas tax that’s been used for the last 30 years isn’t enough to get the job done. As vehicles have become more efficient, the funds available for transportation projects have dwindled, creating a backlog of $9 billion. Additionally, the value of the dollar has decreased by 56%, furthering the need for an additional boost in funding.
Proposition 110 would increase the state’s sales tax by 0.62%, which amounts to roughly $0.06 per $10 purchase. The tax would not be included on gas, electricity, water, groceries, or medication. Because the tax will be paid by everyone in the state, it will generate $767 Million as a new revenue source for transportation products across the state.

Generated funds will be distributed accordingly:

  • 45% of the new revenue will go directly to 107 high-priority CDOT projects.
  • 40% is designated to Local Transportation priorities, such as street and intersection improvements, and transit infrastructure.
  • 15% will be allocated for Multimodal Transportation Options, which benefits projects at the state and local level, including a match program for local communities.
  • Proposition 110 also ensures that almost 40 million visitors who use the roads in colorful Colorado pay their share.

Yes on 110 will allow the state to reduce congestion and improve infrastructure by widening lanes, adding passing lanes, improving interchanges, and creating alternative modes of transportation.

Yes on 110 will improve safety by adding or widening shoulders, replacing bridges, and building wildlife crossings.

Yes on 110 will provide fully flexible funds allocated to every city and county to support projects, such as:

  • Street and intersection improvements
  • Transit infrastructure or operation
  • Sidewalks, pedestrian bridges or bike lanes

Yes on 110 will fund projects at the state and local level including a match program for local communities. Projects could include:

  • Bustang
  • Regional bike and pedestrian paths
  • Dial-a-rides
  • Disability services

Davey Coach Sales encourages you to vote Yes on 110. It’s a good choice for Colorado. For more information about Proposition 110, visit letsgocolorado.com.

Vote Yes on 110 by November 6, 2018!

*source: Let’s Go Colorado!, www.letsgocolorado.com