We Specialize in Unique Projects like This Monster Custom Yellow School Bus


Davey Coach has a reputation for quality and versatility in getting any job done. This brings interested individuals with unique and big projects from all over the country to seek out Davey Coach in helping to them to complete their projects and achieve something truly special.

We recently took part in an exciting project restoring, painting and installing graphics on a modified yellow school bus. This unique take on a classic was not only fun to look at and work on, but was put together with the intention of donating the vehicle to be auctioned off for charity. We were very pleased to be a part of this exciting project, and to be able to work with such an interesting vehicle. Our team did a fantastic job restoring this bus and bringing it to an eye-catching state with new paint and graphics that really became attention grabbing.



We value our customers and the opportunity to work on unique projects such as this. We were sought out clear from North Dakota because we are dedicated to our craft. We provide the best customer service and strive to ensure quality in all of our work. Our team members are happy to serve and work with our customers to help them in every way. At the end of the day we have loved being a part of this and many other unique projects just like this, the hard part is seeing them leave at the end!



If you have a unique project that needs special help, we are the experts and are happy to assist! Our professional team can aid in customizing and creating the perfect bus or coach for you. Please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss our capabilities and your unique project.