Winter Accessories Will Keep You Moving

With proper preparation and accessories winter weather won’t even slow you down!

Winter is underway and with it comes the joys of the season and of course the snow. Winter weather conditions can make driving difficult and hazardous, especially in the mountains at higher altitudes. This can present a major problem for buses and shuttles carrying passengers to the resorts, trying to get in on the fresh powder and great skiing. Fortunately, Davey Coach has all the winter accessories and gear to get you safely up the mountain and to make the season more enjoyable and comfortable too.

Davey Coach designs, fabricates, and installs ski racks in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and positions. Our custom racks can be configured to hold skis, snowboards, poles, or anything else you need to bring along but want kept outside. They can be made to fit any vehicle while our designs allow for both permanent and removable installations, allowing your vehicle maximum versatility for any season.

In addition to ski racks, we also provide custom 4×4 conversions to allow for any terrain. Our rugged 4×4 modifications are available on a wide array of our products and will keep you moving regardless of weather conditions. And for those truly snowy conditions, we can also provide max Trax tire chains to make sure you’re never bogged down and on time for any adventure. Contact us today to find out more and see what we can do to help you have a winter season to remember! 1-800-873-1856